Killer dust inside your PC


Cleaning your computer and your computer components and peripherals helps keep the components and computer in good working condition and helps keep the computers from spreading germs.
Below are some example images of how dirty the inside of your computer case can get. 
These examples are obviously the extreme but please be aware dust is very combustible and that the build up of dust inside your PC is extremely dangerous and may in some cases cause a fire, due to the amount of heat being generated by the processor
Depending on the environment that your computer operates in determines how often you should clean the inside of your computer case.
The below list is our recommendation and may change depending upon your computer's environment.
How often should I clean my computer?


The frequency of how often you should clean your computer varies on several different factors.
To help you determine how often you need to clean your computer we've created the below check list.
Check each of the items below that apply to your computers environment to determine how often to clean your computer.

Where is the computer located?  
In a home environment?
In a clean office environment?
In construction / industry environment?
In school environment?
Computer environment?  
Have cat / dog in same building as computer
Smoke in same building as computer
Smoke next to computer
Computer is on floor
Room that the computer is in has carpet
Eat and/or drink by computer
Who uses it?  
Adult (18 and older)
Young adults (ages 10-18) use computer
Pre-teen (younger than 10) use computer
More than one person uses computer

Based upon what has been checked above and the type of environment that your PC is located we recommend that you should be cleaning your computer at least every  six months as a bare minimum, and more often if it is located in a particularly dirty or dusty environment.
General cleaning Tips

Below is a listing of general tips that should be taken when cleaning any of the components or peripherals of a computer as well as tips to help keep a computer clean.

  1. Never spray or squirt any type of liquid onto any computer component.
  2. If a spray is needed, spray the liquid onto a cloth and then use that cloth to rub down the component.
  3. Users can use a vacuum to suck up dirt, dust, or hair around their computer on the outside case and on their keyboards.
  4. Do not use a vacuum for the inside of your computer as it generates a lot of static electricity that can damage the internal components of your computer.
  5. If you need to use a vacuum to clean the inside of your computer, use a portable battery powered vacuum designed to do this job.
  6. When cleaning a component and/or the computer, turn it off before cleaning.
  7. Never get any component inside the computer or any other circuit  board damp or wet.
  8. Be cautious when using any type of cleaning solvents; some individuals may have allergic reactions to chemicals in cleaning solvents and some solvents can even damage the case.
  9. Try to always use water or a highly diluted solvent.
  10. When cleaning, be careful not to accidentally adjust any knobs or controls. In addition, when cleaning the back of the computer, if anything is plugged in, make sure not to disconnect any of the plugs.
  11. When cleaning fans, especially the smaller fans within a portable computer or laptop it's suggested that you either hold the fan or place something in-between the fan blades to prevent it from spinning.
  12. Spraying compressed air into a fan or cleaning a fan with a vacuum may cause damage to some fans or in some cases cause back voltage.
  13. Never eat or drink around the computer.
  14. Limit smoking around the computer.
If you are worried that the inside of your PC may be full of dust, but are unsure about how to clean it, then please contact us here at
We offer a full cleaning service to ensure that your PC does not become a victim of  the KILLER DUST SYNDROME, and also to keep your PC and your home safe.

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