The ‘Free PC Health Check’ will be carried out by one of our trained technicians at COMPUTERFIX-DIRECT. 
The health check is intended for diagnostic purposes only and we advise you (the customer) of any problems we detect whilst running our routine procedures and checks.
We offer ADVICE ONLY at this stage we do not provide any kind of update, scan, fix, patch, reinstall, upgrade, format or installation to your machine.
Customers must bring their PC/Laptop  to the workshop and collect the system after the diagnosis is complete.
COMPUTERFIX-DIRECT can offer a collection and/or delivery service but a charge will be made for this.
The customer will agree to the following disclaimer:
That you will give permission for COMPUTERFIX-DIRECT to perform a series of diagnostic tests and procedures and inform you of any problems or issues which we consider may affect the performance or security of your computer.  
This is a free no obligation health check and you fully understand that the service provided by COMPUTERFIX-DIRECT is for information purposes only and does not constitute any binding contract to repair your PC/Laptop.


Necessary Repairs following PC Health Check

COMPUTERFIX-DIRECT will not be held responsible for any loss of data on customers PC/LAPTOP
Any repairs MUST BE AGREED between the customer and COMPUTERFIX-DIRECT before any work is carried out.   
The cost of parts and or labour must be paid for by the customer on completion of the work.
COMPUTERFIX-DIRECT will offer advice regarding any necessary repairs or problems that may be encountered on customers` PC/LAPTOP
If you are advised that a FORMAT and RE-INSTALLATION of the OPERATING SYSTEM is required then COMPUTERFIX-DIRECT will not be held responsible for any PERSONAL DATA and FILES on your PC/LAPTOP including ANY DOCUMENTS/PHOTOGRAPH’s/and MUSIC FILES.
You will authorise COMPUTERFIX-DIRECT to undertake the agreed repairs to your PC/LAPTOP and fully understand the risks to my personal data and files stored on the hard drive and the potential permanent loss of such data.
You fully understand that COMPUTERFIX-DIRECT will not be held responsible for any such loss of data or personal files.
You agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to the commencement of any repairs to your PC/Laptop.

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